The Miracle of Mom

April 21, 2016

I updated my facebook app a couple months ago and I began getting the “memories” notifications. You know the ones. The dumb things you said five years ago, the friendships, pictures reminding you of the people you miss and love and the reminder of what you were going through however many years ago at this time.

A year ago my mother went into surgery that was supposed to heal her back from TOS. It was the beginning of a very long and painful year for her and our family. What could go wrong did go wrong and what should have been a week at the hospital turned into over a month, and months of bed rest after. It was exhausting on the physical, emotional, and definitely on the spiritual level.

One night, hope was fleeting that she would survive. I couldn’t watch. I had to leave. I wasn’t strong enough. All I could do was sit outside her hospital room and beg God not to take her. I told Him that I needed her. I had nothing to bargain with, I had already given my life and everything I had to God. All I could do was ask Him to give me more time with my mom.

During those months I was working on my novel, “Zella: Curses and Conquerors.” I had been looking for writing conventions to attend to meet more people in the industry and it just so happened the Romantic Times convention was going to be in Dallas. When my mom was rushed back to the hospital a week before the convention I wasn’t sure I’d even go. Mom was all that mattered. She however, by the grace of God pulled through and made me go to the convention.

I found my publisher at the convention, three months later I signed a contract and four months later I was published.

I planned a mini book tour starting at the end of March of 2016 and ending at the Romantic Times convention in Las Vegas. Everything was going as planned until my roommate for Vegas was unable to go, leaving me to find another roommate. Guess who volunteered? Yep! MOM! She was still struggling with health issues in January of 2016, but she told me she would be better and able to go Vegas with me.

My first book signing of my tour was at the MSC Barnes and Noble at my alma mater Texas A&M University. The place my parents met. As I was setting up my table I checked my facebook and I had a memory notification.

“Please keep my mom in your prayers she is done with her surgery but will be in the hospital recovering for a couple days- March 30, 2015”

Wow! What are the chances? I thought. I called my dad, “Hey dad, did you know a year ago today was mom’s first surgery?” He was just as surprised as I was. I shook it off and continued the tour. Going strong. When the time came for Vegas Mom and I packed up and had one of the most amazing weeks of our lives. I sold out of books at both signings in Vegas, met some incredible people, promoted my brand, and I could go on and on.

Deb and mom

Mom helped with so many things. She told everyone she met about my book, and on the book signing days she worked as my publicist, rounding up people and sending them to my table. The other authors around me asked if they could hire her to be their publicist!

Saturday was the Book fair. 600 authors in one room, me being one. On the morning of, I checked facebook and I received another memory on my timeline.

“Surgery went well. Thank you a million times for the prayers. The Lord is faithful. She will be recovering in the hospital for another week. So please keep my mom in your prayers for complete recovery! Thanks! ‪#‎greatfamily‪#‎greatfriends ‪#‎greatGod– April 16, 2015″

It was the day of my mom’s second surgery last year. My eyes welled with tears as I realized where I was, where we were now, a year from the nightmare that almost killed my mom. How could it be, the day that started my tour and the day that was my biggest signing was both of the days of my mom’s surgeries? Wow!

The tour was incredibly successful. God met all my needs! As I think back to last year when I was crying out before Him to let me keep my mom here because I needed her, I know now, He knew I needed her too!

Deb, mom and zella

Has there been a time in your life when you couldn’t help but look up to the sky and say, “Wow?”

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